High Temperature Iron Powder Toroidal Chokes


The PL Series Chokes are offered for use in high-frequency power-supply applications at a lower cost than nickel powder cores.  This series may be vertically mounted to minimize board space.

The PL series can also be used for Power factor Correction Inductors.  Contact MCE engineering with maximum voltage and minimum frequency for the application and a computation will be made to see if saturation or core loss is an issue.


The PL Series chokes are mounted in glass-filled nylon cups and potted with epoxy.  Printed circuit style terminal pins that are larger than required for electrical current capacity are used.  This provides greater physical strength and minimizes the need for extra bonding or brackets.  The PL series cups also have stand-offs with wide bearing surface.

Spec Sheet List:
To view a spec sheet, click on the appropriate link below. A page will open in a new window and where you can zoom, print or save the document. After you are finished using the file, simply close the newly opened tab/window.  
1. EFPL    rev-D    Spec-Sheet     65.9 KB
2. EFTL    Spec-Sheet     77.3 KB
3. O-1472L2    rev-A    Spec-Sheet     73.3 KB
4. O-1978L1    rev-A    Spec-Sheet     120.0 KB
5. O-2336L1    rev-A    Spec-Sheet     26.6 KB