Ferrite Pot Core Chokes

Pot Core Chokes – Ferrite


The EL Series Filter Chokes are offered for use in high frequency DC power supplies, switching regulators, flyback circuits, and solar inverters. The principle features of this series are closed magnetic circuit (self shielding), low profile, and high packaging density.

These bobbin wound coils provide a higher self-resonant frequency when compared to toroidal coils.  Furthermore, the L vs. DC is relatively flat whereas powder core toroid parts are more swinging chokes.  That is when the maximum DC is reduced, the inductance increases substantially.  This characteristic is desirable when the application is for a choke input filter with variable loads.



The OJEL parts all have self-leads.  This results in lowest cost and smallest size.  The EMEL and OMVL parts have higher inductance values available.  The EMEL parts are encapsulated for military and other applications with special environmental specifications.  The OMVL parts have square cores which minimizes board space required and have relatively lower DCR values.  For low profile SMD requirements, MCE can produce custom headers quickly and at a low cost.  For these custom headers, the core height is the total height.  If other modifications, such as mounting clamps are required, contact our applications engineers.

Spec Sheet List:
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EMEL    rev-A    Spec-Sheet     70.9 KB
O-1975LX    Spec-Sheet     179.6 KB
O-1977L45    Spec-Sheet     103.0 KB
O-1977L49    Spec-Sheet     69.9 KB
OJEL    rev-C    Spec-Sheet     65.1 KB
OMVL    rev-A    Spec-Sheet     28.0 KB